A message from John Edwards, former write-in candidate and 3rd place finisher for the BET in 2017

Dear Taxpayer,

My name is John Edwards, and I am the Political Director for The Club for Taxpayer Justice and Not Carol. We are a Minneapolis-based volunteer organization committed to electing candidates with judgment and integrity to the Board of Estimate and Taxation. This means people who aren’t Carol Becker.

At every opportunity Carol Becker misleads the public, casts harmful votes, and engages in an up-is-down/black-is-white debating style that’s puzzling to anyone who’s paying attention. The problem: nobody pays attention to the Board of Estimate and Taxation. Nobody knows what it is.

Carol Becker engages in wasteful political stunts. In 2017, she sued the mayor during an election. The lawsuit was quickly dismissed by a judge. But that didn’t stop Becker from claiming afterwards that she’d won. As Mayor Hodges correctly noted afterwards: “Minneapolis residents should be appalled that Ms. Becker wasted taxpayer dollars on defending against a politically-motivated, election-year stunt.”

Carol Becker’s values are far to the right of the Minneapolis mainstream. When a corporate PAC called Minneapolis Works! was spending $273,000 to influence the 2017 city election, Carol Becker said the bigger issue in Minneapolis politics was the influence of grassroots progressive groups like Black Lives Matter, Take Action MN, and Our Streets Minneapolis. Note that $15,000 of this big business PAC money was funneled to a separate group that spent money boosting Becker’s campaign with Facebook ads.

Carol Becker has no regard for the law. In 2018, Carol Becker maliciously and unlawfully targeted a journalist by filing trademark and business registrations for the name of his website. This journalist was forced to undertake a costly legal process, ultimately reaching a settlement where Becker acknowledged the journalist’s ownership of his longstanding brand, and agreeing that she would never do it again.

Carol Becker lacks the judgment to act in anyone’s best interest — including her own. In 2018, she repeatedly shouted “have some balls” at members of the City Council and City Planning Commission. This is not an effective way to communicate with fellow elected officials.

Carol Becker’s penchant for dishonesty puts Minneapolis taxpayers at risk. In 2018, she voted against refinancing city debt so that she could be seen and heard in front of TV cameras giving admirable-sounding quotes against stadium subsidies. Fortunately for Carol, the TV news segment provided no context about the meeting. Refinancing was about saving the city money on an existing debt. Carol Becker voted to cost the city money in order to get a good soundbite on TV.

You should know that I am the journalist whose website Carol Becker tried to steal in 2018. So this is personal for me. But I am just one of many Minneapolis voters who know it’s time to move on from the reckless tenure of Carol Becker on the BET.

Our Values:

  • We believe budgets are moral documents. A fair system of taxation is a necessary part of delivering the services we all rely on.
  • We believe in an honest debate. Constant, obvious lies show disrespect to voters and a troubling detachment from reality.
  • We are committed to transparency. All of our campaign finance disclosures will be posted to our website.
  • We are committed to fiscal responsibility. We put “Club” in the name of our organization so we could purchase a very cheap dot club domain (only $1.55). You can rely on us to put your financial support to efficient use.

Thank you for your support,

John Edwards, Political Director
The Club for Taxpayer Justice and Not Carol