What is our plan?

In the interest of transparency, here is our PAC’s secret plan.

As you know, Carol Becker is wrong for Minneapolis. Therefore, our aim is to restore integrity to the Board of Estimate and Taxation.

There are two elected seats on the BET. The other elected member has said he will not run again. This means: replacing Carol Becker in 2021 requires two candidates to emerge who are Not Carol.

With 2.5 years until election day, no alternative candidates yet exist for this office (keep in mind, it’s a glorified volunteer position that pays almost nothing, and probably should not exist at all because it seems designed to attract the wrong kind of person).

Our PAC is here to attract funding, excitement and attention to this election as we wait for candidates who are Not Carol. That could take a while… But time is on our side.

DID YOU KNOW? The maximum donation that our PAC can send to any candidate for BET in an election year is $1,000. There are no limits to what we can spend promoting the Not Carol campaign.

For our supporters, this is a great long-term investment. The annual cost to maintain our website is almost zero. The cost to maintain our email list, bank account, and online donation capability is literally zero. We are stockpiling a war chest so immense that it will make 2021 the most expensive race for Board of Estimate and Taxation that Minneapolis has ever seen!

Please join this movement — tell your friends, host a fundraiser, donate — as we implement our rock-solid plan to restore integrity to the BET.