It’s about trust

Carol Becker continues to erode trust in her ability to serve the public.

You might remember that Becker once attempted to shut down a political rival by filing a trademark application for the name of his website. She asserted he had no right to the name. After some legal wrangling, Becker was compelled to acknowledge in a public statement that her critic did in fact own the name of his (award-winning) website. Now Carol Becker is back to asserting he “has no claim to those intellectual assets” — contradicting her own previous public statement (and demonstrating her continued willful ignorance of trademark law, which she abused in a failed attempt to silence a critic).

Carol Becker can’t let this embarrassing episode go. Instead she tells obvious, easily disproved lies. This is not the character and judgment of someone who should hold elected office. This is just one more example of Becker showing no regard for the intelligence of the public she is supposed to serve. She assumes people aren’t smart enough to know she’s lying to them on a regular basis.

Elections are about more than who you agree with. They’re about who you can trust. Carol Becker has consistently abused your trust. You can’t trust her judgment. You can’t even trust her to tell you the plain, obvious truth.

Join us at our campaign kickoff in 9 days — on April 30th. Together we can restore integrity to the Board of Estimate and Taxation.