Historic 2019 Fundraising

We just doubled up on our record 2019 fundraising haul!

The Club for Taxpayer Justice has raised more money than any PAC in the history of the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation. While it is true that there has never been (to our knowledge) a BET-specific PAC in the history of the BET — you have to admit that part of making history is being the first to do something.

Many thanks to the supporters who joined us on Thursday for the Fundraising Spooktacular.

Unofficial total raised in 2019 so far: $1475

Donor Stats

  • Average donation: $28
  • Average intelligence: 10/10
  • Average name: Kryandrew Johnthleen
  • Number of donors named Carol: 0

We have promised our donors that their money would be spent responsibly and for maximum effect to replace Carol Becker in 2021. We are keeping that promise. Check out our expenses so far.


  • $1.55 – notcarol.club domain
  • $24 – buttons
  • $3.60 – donation envelopes
  • $20 – Aldi refreshments for fundraiser guests
  • $3 – “balls” pumpkin
  • $25 – credit card processing fees

⏲️ πŸ“† Arbitrary deadline approaching! If you haven’t donated, do it now!

Hennepin County’s pre-general filing period ends on October 22! Do you feel the urgency? Let’s send a message that Minneapolis is ready for leadership that restores integrity to the Board of Estimate and Taxation. If you haven’t chipped in, now’s the time!

🚨 Advertising opportunity!

Would you like us to insert a promotional message into our campaign finance disclosure? Imagine someone named Carol scrolls to page 5 of our finance report pdf hosted on Hennepin County’s website and sees this loving tribute to a special person in your life:

How to be featured in our finance report: donate more than $100 and contact info@notcarol.club with a high-resolution, pdf-ready graphic. Deadline for inclusion in our next issue: October 22. We reserve the right to reject any content that we deem offensive or otherwise reflects poorly on the Club for Taxpayer Justice and Not Carol.

πŸŽ… COMING UP: “A Christmas Not Carol: A BET Fundraiser in Tiny Tim’s Unlivably Tiny Uptown Apartment”

Please stay tuned to our social media for more Not Carol events. We do need supporters who are willing to host these gatherings. So if you are willing to welcome us into your space, please email us: info@notcarol.club.

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It’s become clear over the course of this campaign that Minneapolis is ready for Not Carol. But people may not be aware that a PAC exists to help achieve Not Carol. So forward this email to a friend you believe might support our efforts. If you’ve received this message from someone else and would like to be on our list, sign up on the home page of our website: notcarol.club.

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