TCTJNC Takes First Step to Restore Integrity to the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation



Today, The Club for Taxpayer Justice and Not Carol (TCTJNC) took their first official step to restore integrity to the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation. A check for the maximum $1,000 has been mailed to Christa Moseng’s campaign for BET. This is believed to be the largest check ever written by a PAC focused solely on BET issues.

John Edwards, TCTJNC President and Political Director, included this touching note with the donation: “The Club for Taxpayer Justice and Not Carol has deemed you to be least Carol of all candidates for the Board of Estimate and Taxation in 2021. We trust this substantial sum of money will be used with prudence, fiscal responsibility, and in compliance with all applicable laws, to achieve Non-Carol outcomes, not just for the next four years, but for generations of Minneapolis residents.”

The vote of the TCTJNC Executive Committee was unanimous. Treasurer Joey Senkyr gushed during the meeting, “I think she is empirically the Least Carol of the candidates.”

Christa Moseng has been a breath of fresh air in the race for BET, receiving endorsements from organizations such as Stonewall DFL and Wedge LIVE. She has navigated this campaign with grace and integrity, while other DFL candidates have had the misfortune of receiving endorsements from at least one Carol-affiliated organization.

Over the last two years, TCTJNC donors have been careful to donate below the $100 annual threshold that would require disclosure of their names, for no reason other than the malignant personality and erratic behavior of Carol Becker. We are everyday folks, whose names can legally be withheld, who want progressive leadership and good government. We believe Christa is the right choice, not just for our secret donors, but for all of Minneapolis.

We are choosing to be fully transparent about our decision-making process by posting the minutes from the meeting.

We encourage others to get to know Christa and support her campaign. Minneapolis would be lucky to have her serving on this obscure elected body which has subjected our city to the reckless decisions and malignant personality of Carol Becker for too long.